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2021 Past Events

Oct 30 - Valerie V. Vocals

With an extensive library of musicians, focusing on Jazz genre, but extending to blues, classical, and rock, Valerie can help you plan your perfect event, party or book music in a club and/or restaurant venue. “Live music brings warmth and personality, creating a venue that comes alive with energy, for any occasion”.



Oct 16 - Jazz & Wine with Arlyn Anderson Trio



The Arlyn Anderson Trio from Sacramento, with Levi Saelua (Clarinet/Sax), Ben Kopf (upright bass) and Arlyn Anderson (acoustic/electric guitars). The trio will perform a variety of classic jazz from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, along with other musical varieties. 

Oct 2 - Chaz Trio:  Gentle jazz guitar and vocals

Northern Ca musician, Chaz Mully and his trio play a wonderful variety of jazz and soft rock music— a perfect blend of vocals and instruments this weekend.


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