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Shadow Ranch
December 7, 2022 | Shadow Ranch

2019 Barbera


Did you know that Barbera is an Italian wine grape variety that as of  the year 2000 was the third most planted red grape variety planted in Italy. California is one of the central regions in the world that has planted more than 7000 acres. Babera is known for its acid structure and smooth tannins, therefore making it a great food wine.

Barbera boasts brighter flavors of tart cherry, raspberry, and spice balckberry and vanilla, great layers of texture and will age nicely. Taste our Barbera, take it home and pair it with; rich dark meats, mushrooms, herbaceous cheeses like blue, braised lamb dishes, Italian sausage and lentils, pastas with tomatoes and meat sauces, meatloaf, rabbit with olives or braised duck....many delicious dishes to choose from when drinking a Barbera. Cheers! 

Shadow Ranch Barbera is a 2022 Gold Medal winnner at the San Francisco Chronical Wine Competition. 


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