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December 5, 2022 | Shadow Ranch

Why Barrel Wines?

Why Barrel Wines?

The oxygen that comes through the oak barrel helps the wine mature and tannins develop the structure of the wine over time. Barrels are a metaphorical spice rack when making wine. New barrels have intense aromas, and can impart cedar, vanilla and plenty of spice notes when a wine is aged in them.
New barrels will impart the strongest aromas and flavors to a wine. Each time a barrel is used, that influence dissipates a bit. After about three or four uses, the barrels are consisderd "neutral". Neutral barrels are still useful to winemakers, wine can be aged in them before bottling, but neutral barrels won't add a new barrels influence of flavors and aromas.
Barrels are also used for texture and mouthfeel, since they allow small amout of oxygen to interact with the wine. Winemakers using neutral barrels to get richer, creamier textures from wines. A new barrel cost upwards of $1000 so getting extra use is important and desirable.


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